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On Whose Land

Estimated Time: 5 Minutes


We challenge you to figure out on whose traditional territory you live, learn how to respectfully acknowledge this territory, and share that acknowledgment for all to see on your social media. Starting a journey of Reconciliation starts with acknowledging place and making your relationship to that place known.

About This Challenge

Do you know on whose traditional territory you live? Have you ever been traveling in Canada and wondered which Nations call that region home? Through this challenge, you’ll be able to answer these questions and you’ll also learn how to respectfully acknowledge the territory where you are.

To complete this challenge, we’ll help you look up an appropriate territory acknowledgement for where you live - or where you are - so you can share it on social media for all to see!

Why Territory Acknowledgemnts?

Your #Next150 challenge starts with a territory acknowledgement in recognition of the relationships that govern Reconciliation. Though Nations from around Turtle Island (also known as North America) have different protocols regarding land and territory acknowledgements, it is customary today for individuals to recognize the territories on which we live and gather. Individuals will have different ways of recognizing specific territories and that is not necessarily a disagreement — it can be just a different perspective or understanding. 

For thousands of years before Canada existed as a country, and continuing to this day, different Nations owned, lived with, or otherwise called this land home. Whether you’re a newcomer to the region, or your family came over as early Settlers, or whether your family has been in the region since Time Immemorial, we’re all living together in this place now and we need to learn to acknowledge these relationships respectfully.

How Do We Suggest Acknowledgements?

We suggest territory acknowledgements based on a variety of resources including municipal websites, Indigenous governments and principally, CAUT's annual guide. Where we could not find an acknowledgement from one of these sources, we rely on the Native-Land.ca website to craft an acknowledgement based on your location.

Additionally, we receive feedback from participants who find an inaccurate acknowledgment and we update it so that others from that location will have the improved version. While we know acknowledgments may not be perfect at the time of launch, we see this as an opporunity to create the first crowd-sourced and most accurate reference for territory acknowledgements in Canada.

Please let us know if you think any acknowledgement is not accurate by sending an e-mail to territories@indianhorse.ca.

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Three differently-aged actors play the roles of ‘Saul Indian Horse’ in the film, Indian Horse. Sladen Peltier (Young Saul), Forrest Goodluck (Teenage Saul), and Ajuawak Kapashesit (Adult Saul) present this first challenge - #OnWhoseLand - in the #Next150 Challenge.

"We challenge you to acknowledge the land on which you live. Indigenous communities all around Canada still live with and on their traditional territories. It’s important for you to acknowledge the land on which you live and be informed about the people where you are. Take the challenge and share it with your friends and family!"

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